Bibles for Jails

A Prison Inmate can have access to God’s Word for $ 5.00

In the Chicago metropolitan area, the county jails hold more than 12,000 prisoners awaiting trial.  Cook County Jail alone holds 9,000 inmates.  Some stay for days or weeks, but many are incarcerated for months, even years, awaiting trial on serious charges.

Chicago Bible Society is the largest provider of Bibles to the county jails.  We work with the staff chaplains at the jails to make sure that the Bible goes to those who need and want to read it.  We invite you to hear about how the Bible changes lives by watching our video showing the testimony of the jail chaplains. 

We provide thousands of Bibles to the four major county jails in the metropolitan area.  The Bibles are specially designed for the needs of prison inmates with easy to read translations in English and Spanish. Each Bible costs about five dollars. 

You can help by joining the Chicago Bible Society as a member, and by donating to the Bibles for Jails ministry.