Program Information

The Chicago Bible Society partners with jail and hospital chaplains, food and shelter ministries, churches, and schools in order to bring the Bible—God’s Word—into the lives of people who do not have access to the Scriptures. We have two types of programs for outreach, Provision Programs and Engagement Programs. 

Provision Programs cross physical, economic or cultural barriers to bring the Bible into people’s lives, through written or electronic means, in a manner that they can understand and interact with the Scriptures. These programs target those who do not have access to the Bible due to incarceration, poverty, or cultural barriers. Provision programs include Bibles for Jails and Chaplain Services. 

Engagement Programs encourage people to read and interact with the Bible so that God’s Word transforms their lives.  We partner with prison ministries, schools, churches and tutoring programs to make God real through the study of the Word.  Engagement programs include Project Philip and our Lenten Bible Study Series.