Prayers for those killed in Pittsburgh and Kentucky

The Chicago Bible Society offers its prayers to the Jewish community in Pittsburgh following the tragic events at a synagogue last week.  We grieve the horrific deaths of the eleven women and men who were gunned down as they participated in the Saturday worship service, and we mourn with their families, friends, and worship community. We pray for the individuals who were seriously injured, including the brave police officers who risked their lives to save those under attack.  We also extend our prayers to the families of those killed in the racially motivated attack at the supermarket in Louisville, Kentucky.  Racism and anti-Semitism ought not have a place in our society.  The Bible clearly teaches that Christ is does not tolarate the type of thinking behind the so-called "white nationists" who committed these crimes.  We also condemn the type of public discourse that seeks to normalize racist and anti-semetic ideas and which contributes to an atmosphere of fear and hatred.