June 18 Prayer for the Peace of Chicago

June 18 Chicago Bible Society partners with churches to Pray for the Shalom of the City - the Peace of the City.

Can prayer and Scripture change the city?  Chicago is in the middle of a summer of violence.  What can Christians do?   The Bible and prayer have the power to change people and to change communities. 

Chicago Bible Society has teamed up with Pray Chicago to promote prayer and Scripture reading in Chicago’s most challenging neighborhoods. 

Saturday, June 18, I will be in Uptown with Pastor Michael Allan of Uptown Baptist Church and Phil Miglioratti of Mission America to walk, pray and read Scriptures for the peace – the shalom – of the city. 

A flyer about the event can be found here, and the Scripture Prayer Guide here.

For information about other June 18 events, go the Pray Chicago website.

To find out how we are coordinating this movement with the national 100 Cities movement, go here.