Chicago Bible Society Releases New Video Honoring Emma Dryer

Emma Dryer was a 19th Century Christian Educator, Bible Teacher and Administrator.  Evangelist DL Moody once called her "The Best Bible Teacher in America"

Miss Dryer started the "Chicago Bible Work" in 1873 supervising young women who visited multiplied thousands of homes in Chicago, especially in the poorer areas.  For over 25 years they ministered to women and their families and distributed Bibles and Scripture portions.

Dryer was also very instrumental in the founding of The Chicago Evangelization Society (Now Moody Bible Institute)  Emma Dryers Bible Work was eventually incorporated into the Chicago Bible Society and Dryer was a member of the CBS Board of Directors for many years.

Her inspiring Life Story is now available in a nine minute online Video and DVD produced by the Sunlite Broadcasting Network for the Chicago Bible Society.  You can view it now by clicking on the Global Bible TV icon on the front page of the Chicago Bible Society Website.