Bringing The Bible to an Online World

The new generation is online and connected in a way that amazes those over forty. While the older crowd is using smart phones and connecting through facebook, those in the twenties and thirties generation see the internet as their primary communication tool.  They use the internet to read and to find our about spiritual issues. To reach this new internet generation with God's Word you must be online.

     This year, Chicago Bible Society launched the New Media project to reach those who are unlikely to pick up a printed Bible but who are seeking to know about God's Word.  We have added a "Bible Online" page to our website that provides links to "YouVersion" and electronic edition of the Bible available in more than 40 versions and languages.  We also have links to other audio and electronic Bibles.  You can go to our website to download the Bible on to your computer,smart phone or iPad for free. We are planning in the near future to have the Bible Available online directly from our website.

     Chicago Bible Society is also working through internet-based social networking to reach and engage people.   Our Facebook page is updated weekly with new information, events and videos.  We recently started the Bible Chicago blog and we will be adding more online content with the Global Bible TV online TV network we started  in partnership with Sunlite Broadcasting of Chicago.  You can also access all of our services on smart phones and iPhones with our new free Bible Society app downloadable from our website.

     The remarkable thing about the New Media Project is the relatively low cost of production and the high impact across a broad spectrum.  Although the list of new media products sounds impressive, we are able to do this for about 5% of our total program budget.  With less than 12 months of operation, we have seen the number of visitors (especially first time visitors) increase dramtically to thousands each month.

     As successful as this project has been on a small budget, we would like to expand this operation in 2012.  Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.  You can make your donation safely and securely using a credit card or e-check using the donate button on our website.

You can also contact Executive Director, Ken Oliver by phone (312)573-8809 or by e-mail Donate to Chicago Bible Society