“A.D. – The Bible Continues”

Bring your Bible along for the viewing.

NBC is showing the miniseries, A.D. on Sunday evening. It follows the events from the crucifixion to the beginnings of the church in Acts. It is scheduled to run through June for a total of 12 episodes.

I recommend that you bring your Bible along as you watch. My wife and I were watching the crucifixion scene when the curtain in the temple was torn and the buildings shacked. Was the earthquake in the Bible? Although missing from Mark, Luke and John, the earthquake was in Matthew’s account.

This dramatization fills the gaps in the Biblical account with some extra material. The account is plausible, but not everything in the show is in the Bible. It is a great opportunity to update your own Bible knowledge. It is also a great way to get your non-church friends and even your children to talk and learn about the gospel story. If you grew up in Sunday School, this is familiar, but for so many – even many in the church – this is new. A perfect opportunity for a dinner table or water--cooler conversation about the Bible.

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